10 year old Hanna teaching Braden        

      Braden first time pulling a cart

                   Braden's new Sulky

                                           Braden Born 5/1/12

            I have had Bouvier's for most of my adult life, six to be exact.                  Some chosen from breeders, one rescue. The day I met Cindy Harris  
   was the day my life became blessed in multiple ways. I am visually        impaired and needed to find a puppy to take the place of my 10 yr. old  guide dog who needs to retire.

 When Cindy and I began discussing what breeder to approach for a  puppy, the discussion came around to one of her females along with a  male that would be a perfect match. Out of that dream came my  handsome male "Braden" now a year old.

His temperament is outstanding along with his intelligence and desire to work as my guide dog. As a responsible dog owner, we search for a breeder who is responsible for the quality of puppies that she breeds, Cindy, in my opinion, is not only that responsible breeder but outstanding breeder, caring about the health of the puppies first, temperament second and confirmation third, keeping to the standard of the Bouvier as close as possible.

In my opinion Cindy Harris is the optimum in breeder standards and any one would be proud to own one of her puppies.

Please feel free to contact me regarding her puppies at 831-722-5513 or pamelaschooley@yahoo.com.

                   Testimonial #2

             Testimonial #3

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A few years ago, when my wife and I learned that our young son was allergic to dogs, we faced the heartbreaking decision to give up for adoption our two dogs. Fortunately, both dogs went to good homes and since that day, we longed for the day when we might be able to once again, welcome a dog into our home. When our son got a little older, (and being of the firm belief that kids need pets and hoping my son could grow up with “his dog”), I began looking for breeds that might work better with Chandler and his allergies, and was lucky enough to find Cindy and the Bouvier breed, virtually right in our backyard, (Minden, NV).
From my initial contact, (almost two years before we actually picked up our new puppy Dafney), through the entire process and now today, 9 months after picking her up, Cindy and her husband Jeff have been fabulous. We were invited into their home, were able to meet Dafney’s mother and grandmother before we made the decision , were kept up to date through the pregnancy, met Dafney for the first time when she was 4 weeks old, and when we picked Dafney up to take her home, they even gave us a crate, bedding and food so that little trip would be as easier on her as possible. Cindy and Jeff have even come to my home in Reno to save me a trip to see them. We have kept in touch all along, exchange pictures and could not have asked for a more pleasant and rewarding experience. Cindy told me early on that this breed is her passion and when we become “parents of one of the puppies”, we are part of the family and she wasn’t exaggerating!
Today Dafney is just a joy to be around, smart, very playful, adores Chandler and he her. I told Cindy just this past week, that she loves to lay on the ground next to Chandler’s swing set while he is playing, keeping a watchful eye on him and his surroundings. In fact, we also have a feral cat and the two of them, (Dafney and the cat), have become best buddies. If you or your family are looking for a fantastic pet and want to also ensure that pet comes from a good home and environment to begin with, Cindy and Jeff are all you could hope for.
Mike Powell
Port of Subs, Inc.