Kennel Info & Contract

We only sell our puppies to loving homes and we will ask you personal information such as your intentions for this puppy and questions about your family, home, yard, etc.  We hope you do not take offense to our inquiries, as we love each and every one of our puppies and only want the best possible life for them.  Likewise, we welcome any questions you may have regarding our breeding, ethics, facility, etc., and appreciate you being a well-informed, responsible purchaser.

                                                          Greyline  Bouviers

Sales Contract:

Between:             Jeff & Cindy Harris  (Seller) and:

                          __________________________________ (Buyer)

Breed:        AKC Registered Bouvier Des Flanders

         Sire:--Grand Ch. Delux Forever Young       AKC #DN32673006

         Dam:--Greyline’s Lady Isabella                  AKC # DN25238404

Total Price Of Dog/Bitch ---------------------------- $2000
Cropped ears ------------------------------------------ $2400

Deposit: $500

The deposit will apply to the total price of the Puppy and the cash balance due when puppy is picked up.  In such case that the Seller is not able to produce a viable Puppy the deposit and any money paid will either be forwarded to next litter or returned as to the option of the Buyer. Full Payment must be received before the puppy or papers will be transferred to the new Owner.

Every effort has been made to insure that the puppy produced is conformationally sound, vigorous and healthy.  It is understood at the time of this sale that this puppy is representative of the breed and structurally and temperamentally suited as a canine companion.  Due to the young age at which most puppies leave, no guarantee can be made concerning conformation faults.  The puppies are socialized from birth.

The Deposit/Purchase price insures the Buyer that they are getting a healthy, sound puppy, free from internal parasites and with all vaccines current.  The contracted puppy has been thoroughly examined by a licensed Veterinarian and found to be in excellent health.

Buyers agree to have the puppy examined by his or her Veterinarian to confirm good health and continuation of inoculation schedules, within 5 days of accepting the puppy, and must notify the Seller immediately if any questions of good health and soundness should arise. Due to the conflict of maternal antibodies with vaccination of healthy puppies, care must be taken with exposure of the puppy to potential hazards of canine diseases.  Your Veterinarian must be consulted regarding the time he/she considers the pup to be fully protected from canine diseases.

Buyer agrees to maintain the animal in good health, provide proper training, and continued socialization after obtaining the puppy from the breeder.  Buyer agrees that this puppy is to be a family companion and protected from extreme elements of the environment where the puppy resides, whether it be heat or cold.  Buyers agree the animal will be confined by means of proper safe fencing, and never by means of chaining to one’s property.

Buyer agrees that if at any time in the dog’s life, the buyer is unable to keep and maintain the animal properly, or if he intends to sell or give the animal away, he will first contact the Seller (breeder) who will either buy the animal back or assist in the placement, or approve the new owner of the animal. This puppy will be sold with a limited registration.


I hereby certify that along with meeting the requirements of this contract that this dog will be transferred to:


Buyer: __________________________________     Address:_______________________________________________________

Phone: ________________________________________________     E-Mail__________________________________________


Breeder & Owner /Seller: ________________________________ Date: ____________________


I understand and agree to the terms of this contract:

Buyer: ________________________________________________ Date: _____________________


Phone 775-783-1870   email:

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